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2 Problems, one with CRA Editor and another with Agent Desktop

Hi, i have some problems with the CRA. Let me tell you the scenario.

I have a CRA Not For Resale Licence, i installed it with the CRA Ver 3.0(1) as a corresident system, it worked very well. It have some procedures to enable all the features of the license described on a file shiped with the licese.

Now i installed the same licese but with the 3.0(3)a version as a corresident system and i have this problems.

1. When i try to install the CRA Editor it download fine and stract the files but suddenly stops without errors or warnings while it's preparing to install.

I downloaded the files and ccndir.ini to their corresponding folders before the instalation.

2. When i try to install CAD Enhaced on my desktop, the installer only shows me the Agent Desktop and Phone Agent options, do not shows me the Agent Desktop Enhaced. With this results i installed the Agent Desktop that i could install and when i try to login it send me an error that tells me there is an error while conecting with the CTI server. I have the shared network drive \\<CRS IP>\DESKTOP_CFG connected, asigned the extention to the user that will be the agent and it have the cti application use option enabled. Moreover, the extiention is asignated to de Resource Manager User (RMJTAPI) and everything looks fine.

I guess that problem is with the process to enable all the features with the CRA Licese, because the document that ships with the licence have only the 3.0(1) and 3.0(2) licese, i have done the process for the 3.0(2) version.

Does anyone knows about a document to enable all features on v 3.0(3)a or what could be wrong.

Ill apreciate your help, in advice, thank you all.


Re: 2 Problems, one with CRA Editor and another with Agent Deskt

1. Make sure you saved your file as just that....make sure it is not saved as "" I have seen this many times.

2. What is your exact error? Make sure the PC's have the CallManagers and CRS machines in there HOST file or have the correct settings in DNS.

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