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New Member

2 questions about Ata 186

I have 2 question to ask.

a. When i am pinging my ata i see a ping response aprox 60-65 ms is it normal?. I am asking this cause when i am pinging a pc at the same lan and the

ping response is 1-2 ms.

b. As my ata is connected through a wireless lan,its connectivity aint so stable. What is the minimum bandwith requirments ? & what are the less consuming bandwith audio-codecs ?

PS: i am using sip as i use my ata as an iconnecthere subscriber.

Thank U in advance for any help


New Member

Re: 2 questions about Ata 186

I'm experiencing the same thing. (running sccp image)

New Member

Re: 2 questions about Ata 186

Vassilis hi,

I couldn't figure out what is the different between the ATA to the PC, is the ATA was during a call while trying ping? is the PC connected via wireless as well?

As for the second question, the least bandwidth codec the ATA supports is the G.723, the bandwidth per call including the Ethernet overhead is: 11.4Kbps

New Member

Re: 2 questions about Ata 186

Hi :)

I have made a lan with 2 pcs (pc#1 ,pc#2) and ata all connected to a switching 3com hub(10/100) . When I am pinging pc#1 -> pc#2 the ping time is approx. 1-2 ms, when I am pinging pc#1->ata tjhe ping time is approx 65-70 ms . I am asking if such a ping time is normal for ata.

Fox example if U ping an ata from a pc from ur local lan what response U ll have ?

Thank U in advance for any help :)


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