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2 Users, 1 Phone

I have a question for all you Unity gurus. We have two users who will be sharing a phone. Is there a way to assign each user a separate extension which will ring the shared phone. When a call comes in and the phone is not picked up, the outside caller is forwarded to the user's voicemail that was originally dialed.<br><br>I know that Unity can be set up where the shared phone is given a single extension. When a call comes into the system, the caller would have the option of pressing 1 or 2, to leave a message for user 1 or 2. <br><br>But there's gotta be a way to do what I had described. Our previous phone system had that ability. It worked by differentiating between a physical extension and a voice mail box. If a caller dialed the physical extension the call would be routed to the phone and would keep on ringing if no one picked up. If the caller dialed one of the user's extension, the call would be routed to the shared phone. The particular user's voicemail which was dialed would take the message.<br><br>With our new phone system we will use DID's. IT would be great to assign each user a separate DID even if they shared a phone. If a caller wanted to reach one of the users, they would just have to dial the DID. They would get the user's voicemail not a general voicemail giving them the option of pressing 1 or 2 to leave a message for so and so.<br>Is this possible???<br><br>Ver. Unity 3.1(2), CM 3.2(1)<br><br><br>I hope this wasn't too confusing. Thanks ahead for your help. This forum has got to be one of the best.<br><br>


Re: 2 Users, 1 Phone

This shouldn't be too hard. If you have a 7940/60 phone you can assign both extensions to the same phone as different lines. The thing is that the MWI lamp will only work for first line however the LCD icon will show message status for both.

The other thing you could do is add a phone with a bogus MAC address and configure the DIDs on that phone to Call Forward All (CFA) to the shared line on the real phone. Since CallManager always retains the first forwarding station forwarding information the callers will still be integrated correctly once they hit Unity. MWI will be a trick in this configuration since the phones will not exist. Even if you used the MultiTenantMWIMode service parameter in CallManager to translate the MWI number to the shared line the MWI light will get way out of wack.

I hope you are not using CallManager 3.2 in production. 3.2(1) has not been compiled yet so if somebody slipped you a copy it is beta and I would be extremely cautious. Beta code is not supported by TAC too.


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