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2600 SIP gateway

I am trying to configure a 2621 (non-xm) with the following config..

Non-IP PBX (PRI Interface) -> VWIC-1MFT-T1 -> SIP -> Asterisk -> PSTN

I can see the calls reaching the 2621, but they never leave the 2621 to go to the Asterisk. I see the calls via

"sh isdn history".

Based on this the non-IP pbx is talking to the 2621.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

All outbound calls from the non-IP PBX will go to the 2621. All inbound will come from the pstn-> asterisk -> 2621 -> non-IP PBX.

I am under fire to show proof of concept in the next 24 hours..


Re: 2600 SIP gateway

if you see the calls get to the 2621 but are not forwarded to the Asterisk, you may have a dialPeer issue.

verify your outbound dialPeer(s) are correctly configured to forward the calls to the Asterisk system.

please see the following links for more dialPeer info:

understanding dialPeer inbound/outbound:

understanding dialPeer matching:

understanding the operational status of dialPeers:

if you need further assistance, please paste your configuration, minus sensative ip addys and we can help you.

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Re: 2600 SIP gateway

I have looked thru them and also some of the configs on the net. I haven't been able to find the right commands to get it to connect over SIP. I haven't seen an example that matches my type of configuration.

Any examples would be appreciated. Thanks

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Re: 2600 SIP gateway

Is there a way to place a call over SIP from the cisco CLI?

I know I can over the PRI using

"isdn call int serial1/0:1 123-456-7890"

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