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2621XM with AIM voice 30 module

I am having a problem with a c2621XM with an AIM voice 30 module and an E1 PRI vwic. I see the aim using the sh pci aim command but if I use the sh diag 0 command the AIM module doesn't show. as a result I cannot get the 2600 to go into voice mode as it doesn't. I was assured that the 2621 with the module is fully voip gateway compatible. I am intent on using this as a qsig gateway to a Coral III switch.

Anyone got any suggestions

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Re: 2621XM with AIM voice 30 module

We had to use a pre-release version of IOS because of timing problems - v12.2.14.6T. This is the plus feature set. We are using a T1 MFT VWIC with the AIM Voice 30 on a 2651XM.

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Re: 2621XM with AIM voice 30 module

I have been using 2620( not even the latest XM models) as voip gateways for over 1 year now

using IOS rel 122-8T,11T and 13T the only problem I had was slip seconds

which is the thing that is most probably fixed with the 122-14.6T code,

but that should not stop the card being recognised. what version of iOS are you running? remember must be IP PLUS for voice, send us the config of the router.


Re: 2621XM with AIM voice 30 module

Here's the go with the 2600 and the AIM modules ...

Use 12.2.13T3 IP plus to get around a bug that caused reboots if the E1 or T1 drops .

Add the command 'network-clock-participate wic 0' . This will enable the clocking between the VWIC and the AIM, and will clear the slips.

Also, be aware that if the E1/T1 VWIC card is in WIC slot 1, IOS reports it as E1 0/0 but the clocking command would need to be set as 'network-clock-participate wic 1' instead of 'wic 0'.

Secondly, add the command network-clock-select 1 E1 0/0

to tell the VWIC to source clock from line with priority 1

If we have more than one T1/E1 controller sourcing the clock ...we can have as many "network-clock-select" with different priority so that if the priority 1 clock fails , priority 2 clock is sourced.

The VWIC module by default is connected to c2600 motherboard but does not use the clock signal derived from the external network.

A single port VWIC will still need the "network-clock-select 1 e1 0/0"

even when there is only one E1 interface in the router.

If a dual port e1 VWIC is used, IOS may reject the ‘network-clock-select’ command when it is configured for port 0:

multi-3-3(config)#network-clock-select 1 e1 0/0

multi-3-3(config)#4d16h: %MARS_NETCLK-3-CLK_SWITCH:

Enabling of Controller 0/0 Clock during Clock Switching has failed

The workaround is to:

Enter configuration mode and select the E1 controller

Shut down the controller using the ‘shutdown’ command

Exit from the controller configuration mode

Add the ‘network-clock-select …’ command

Do a ‘no shut’ on the E1 controller

Exit from configuration mode.

Save the router configuration

Reload the router

Do not do a SH RUN after the ‘network-clock-select …’ command has been entered and the config has been saved.

(The “sh run” command disables the clock if run before the clock command is issued. This is due to a bug in c2600 software SAR which overrides the AIM-VOICE code. This issue only applies to c2650 and c2600XM, not to legacy c2610/c2620, c3660, or 3725/c3745)

After the reload you should see both commands in sh run output.

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