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3.0(3) - trivial Passwords

After 3.0(3) upgrade, are now getting error messages when resetting users phone passwords through the admin page.<br><br>Previously it was possible to reset a users phone password to 12345 and check the 'user must change password at next login' box. If we do this after the 3.0(3) upgrade we get an error which states that 'trivial passwords are not allowed' - we have to reset the password to something like 48120 to be accepted.<br><br>I assume that this is new functionality in 3.0(3) but it is not mentioned in the release notes. Could someone confirm that this is so. If there are more functional changes in 3.0(3) that are not detailed in the release notes - could someone post them or point to where they're documented.<br><br>cheers,<br>Chris<br><br>


Re: 3.0(3) - trivial Passwords

This is actually a bug fix. On the Account Policy pages in the SA you'll see "Check against trivial passwords for extra security" at the bottom of the Phone Password Restrictions section. This is supposed to check to be sure the password is not all the same digit, doesn't match the user's extension and isn't consecutive (there may be another check, I'm not sure). I just think this wasn't working before and now it is.

You can uncheck that option if you don't want this in effect.

Jeff Lindborg
Unity Product Architect/Answer Monkey
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