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3.1.3 VM Messages delivered several hours late

Our Unity subscribers are receiving VM messages late. An example would be UserA leaves a message for UserB at 10 AM on Monday. UserB checks her messages all day on Monday and has no messages. UserB then comes into the office on Tuesday and has new messages that have a date and time stamp for Monday. One of the messages is UserA's message from Monday at 10 AM. UserB gets upset.

Server is Running Exch 2000 and SP3 for Exchange. Also service pack 3 for Windows 2000. Any Ideas out there?

Cisco Employee

Re: 3.1.3 VM Messages delivered several hours late

Does this happen regularly or just for particular users or just during specific times or anythingalong those lines?

The most common problem here is a message routing issue in Exchange or, less likely but easier to fix, a time stamp problem in a multiple exchange environment.

What version of Unity is this? Are you dealing with more than one Exchange server here?

If you do have more than one box, one thing I've seen is the classic clock problem on one of the Exchange servers - if the clock is, say, ahead an hour on the box that the message is handed off to, it wont be presented to the user (either over the phone or via the desktop client) for an hour - time stamps in the future are done for future delivery in Exchange land so it hides the message in the box. Not likely in your scenario but worth checking to be sure if you don't have all your boxes synching with a standard clock.

You can use Exchange message tracking found in the system manager for Exchange - when we leave a subscriber to subscriber message we drop the outbound message from the sender to the receiver so you can see where the message went from there. If it's left as an unidentified caller (i.e. the subscriber didn't sign in and/or call from their known phone) it's left from the Unity_(server name) account.

You can also check to see if Unity is having problems handing messages off to it's partner Exchange server - there will be errors in the application event log and there will be pairs of files hanging out in the Commserver\UnityMTA directory for periods of time - if they fail outright they'll be moved to the Commserver\UnityMTA\Failed directory - and another message should be added to the application event log.

This would normally point to, say, a DC/DNS issue or some sort of more serious network connectivity issue between Unity and the partner Exchange server.

New Member

Re: 3.1.3 VM Messages delivered several hours late


Thanks for input. This is a regular event since we added 400 users 2 weeks ago. I added an additional Gig of RAM today to help. Box is now well equipped. Unity 3.1.3 - Only 1 Exch2000 server - 1 site. This is an integration with Avaya G3 through PBX link. Avaya phones and Unity Voice Mail. Messages get there fine but slow delivery. UnityMTA\failed directory is clean.

On restart the event log is giving 7 or 8 errors. AvMiu_mc with numbers 530 and 524. Also, AvConvMsg_MC with number 10002.

How can I configure the Message Store Tracking to be useful? What should I focus on next? I have a case with Cisco but no concrete ideas as of yet.

New Member

Re: 3.1.3 VM Messages delivered several hours late

Message Tracking is configured in Exchange's System Manager. Look under Tools.;en-us;262162;en-us;257265

The first link discusses using the Message Tracking Center.

Also remember that this is Unity 3.1.3, and that means you're susceptible to CSCdw41721 and the whole slew of issues related to that bug. This means the Failed directory that Jeff mentioned isn't there by default. You've got to put it there. You also need to pop in a registry change to take note of the Failed folder. You want to make sure you've got the fix in place for that bug.


New Member

Re: 3.1.3 VM Messages delivered several hours late

Adam and Jeff,

We are getting messages in the “CommServer\unityMTA\Failed” folder. We are also getting the below UMR Thread Error.

Please advise how to get the files moved out of the failed and back into the MTA queue for delivery to the proper Unity subscriber.

Thank you in advance for your reply.

Kyle Roth



Event Type: Error

Event Source: AvUMR_MC

Event Category: UMR Thread Error

Event ID: 113

Date: 1/28/2004

Time: 1:49:43 PM

User: N/A

Computer: DOED-UTY-1


A message was moved to failed directory on line 496 of e:\views\cs_ue3.1.4.42\un_Conv3\UnityUMR\AvUMRSyncSvr\UMRThread.cpp

New Member

Re: 3.1.3 VM Messages delivered several hours late

Please advise how we backtrack through Unity to determine to whom the original message was to be delivered.



Subject:Message from 773339





Cisco Employee

Re: 3.1.3 VM Messages delivered several hours late

Based on that information you can't - the NDRs will bounce back to the unaddressed messages distribution list as a message within a message (i.e. the entire original voice mail is included as a message attachment) - in this way from the desktop client the admin can re send it (after clearing whatever problem caused the NDR such as a full mailbox) easily.

New Member

Re: 3.1.3 VM Messages delivered several hours late

There are three unaddressed messages. One from Unity UM with E55. One from Unity 3.1.5 UM with E55. And one from Unity 3.1.5 UM with E2K.

The "unaddressedmessages3ba63fac" actually is the old distribution list that got populated to AD and E2K.

We are having a hard time locating the original email (with attachment) sent.

Policy is that the Exchange administrators (not voicemail administrators) have access to look into full mailboxes. And even then, messages are not to be removed.

Policy is that persons could have their email/AD accounts disabled (not removed) when they leave the department. What is expected? Would DBWalker locate that as an orphan? If not orphan, Unity would record messages and attempt to deliver only to end up in the Failed folder.

Cisco Employee

Re: 3.1.3 VM Messages delivered several hours late

Disabling an account in AD doesn't affect Unity at all - if you didn't remove their subscriber account in Unity and/or they were listed on a distribution list as a recipient etc... they'll still get messages sent to their mailbox. The disabled accounts are only not allowed to sign onto the domain, their mailbox is still there and fully functional (i.e. Unity has no idea you disabled them).

By default the Example administrator is a recipient on all the unaddressed messages DLs we create - you should, of course, assign proper admins to those DLs after install but if you didn't you may be able to go sign into the example admin account and see what's there (if you didn't remove them along the way).

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