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3.1.5 user search behavior

I just upgraded to 3.1.5. In all other versions of Unity I've used the user search has behaved differently than it does now. Now, I click the magnifying glass, search for the user, find the user in the list, and click on the user name. This is where 3.1.5 diverges: next, it pops open a new window with the user's page, and it places the server name, (in this case, "unity") in the host name part of the URL. ( like http://unity/sa/web/.... ).

Can any of this behavior be changed? I would like it to open the user window in the same old window, and replace the word "unity" with the full domain name or ip address.

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Re: 3.1.5 user search behavior

This is actually a bug I think, and I think it was supposed to be fixed. I can't find the DDTS number, so if Jeff or Keith want to chime in....

In the meantime, I think if you make sure you're using the ip address in the URL this won't happen.


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Re: 3.1.5 user search behavior

Starting with the ip address doesn't change anything, just to let the debugger know. :)

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