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3.1.X to 4.0.3 upgrade procedures

I have a few questions on the upgrade procedure concerning licenses. I have attempted the first scenario in the lab with no problems (this is using demo licenses). My goal is to move all data from the original 3.1.x VM to a 4.0.3 UM new server connected to the corporate exchange. Here were my steps:

1. Upgrade the 3.1.x to 4.0.3 (demo license)

2. Use DIRT to backup the data

3. Install 4.0.3 on the new server (demo license)

4. Use DIRT to restore the data on the new UM server

All the data is there in the new Unity server and everything works fine.

But upon researching in this forum, I've encountered another scenario to do the upgrade.

1. Use DIRT to back up the data off of the 3.1.x VM original server

2. Install 3.1.x on the new server

3. Use DIRT to restore the data in the 3.1.x new server

4. Upgrade the 3.1.x new server to 4.0.3

I want to know which procedure is better?

These are my questions concerning the first scenario.

-For the upgrade licenses that is purchased, will I be able to do a full new install of 4.0.3 on the new server?

-If that is the case, can that licensed be used to upgrade the 3.1.x to 4.0.3?

-I figure that there would be concerns due to that the licenses are tied in with the MAC address of the servers.

thanks in advance


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Re: 3.1.X to 4.0.3 upgrade procedures

Either way will work - although I would go with the 2nd method - one reason I say that is if the upgrade from 3.1 to 4.0.3 fails for whatever reason you have your DiRT backup in hand and you're good to go. The first scenario should really include snagging a DiRT backup of your 3.1 system before doing the upgrade (I always reccomend this prior to any upgrade to avoid any messy accidents along the way). You just save a step in the second procedure.

As long as the licnese was activated for the new box you're installing on you can go either route (i.e. install new or upgrade 3.1 to 4.0(3) on that box). For the FlexLM licenses you have to get one setup for the MAC on the box it'll be running on (this was one of the nice things about the old dongles - they were portable).

Again, the licensing thing speaks to moving the box as a 3.1 install and then getting your upgrade license for the new box and upgrading. You do the new 3.1 install with your old dongle and the licensing process gets a bit smoother.

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