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3.3 MOH Translator

When I upgraded from 3.2.2c to 3.3.2, all appeared to go well, but none of the existing, previously translated MOH files were move. This left the MTPs unable to connect to their audio source streams, breaking hold-related operations (user hold, transfer, etc). The only MOH files available were the SampleAudioSource.<codec>.wav files. When I selected one of these, hold functions were restored.

But the MOH translator remains broken. Dropping the supplied .wav's in the DropHere folder does nothing (they just sit there). The translator service is running. There are many application event log errors from Media Streaming complaining that TFTP download request failed and referencing TRANSLATED files <filename>.ULAW.wav. (Yes, I KNOW they don't exist. I'm trying to get translator to make them.) No errors from audio translator.

Any ideas?

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Re: 3.3 MOH Translator

Have you gotten an answer on this one??

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Re: 3.3 MOH Translator

no. I have an open TAC case, but that's not going anywhere either.

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Re: 3.3 MOH Translator

Did the TAC end up being any help for you ?

I am seeing much the same behavior and I am wondering what you ended up doing ?

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Re: 3.3 MOH Translator

Not really. They suggested the following, but I haven't had time to pursue it:

>The problem appears to be that when you use the Microsoft Explorer to

>drop (paste) files into the Drop... directory it will keep the

>destination wav file open. This happens if the Explorer is configured

>to use Web View. One resolution is to use "Clasic Folders" view (Tools

>-> Options) for the Explorer.


>When the Explorer has the file open the operating system will not allow

>the MOH A-T to process and move the file from the Drop... directory.

I was using Web view and switched to Classic, but it still behaves the same. I'll pursue it again eventually. If you figure it out, post your solution.

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Re: 3.3 MOH Translator


I have tried to do it with the classic folders and it works just fine.

copy mp3 files from ftp server to 'DropMOHAudioSourceFilesHere' folder, then the CCM translator start to process the file and i could add it as a moh source.

good luck, Avi.

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