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3.5.1 vs. 4.0?

We are about to begin using Unity for the first time. Are there any reasons why we should go with 4.0 vs. 3.5.1? We already have the software for 3.5.1, so we don't want to upgrade unless there is a compelling argument. We will be installing it on a DL380 and we are an E2K shop. I should also mention that we will still be using our Definity G3 SI for at least a year or so.



Cisco Employee

Re: 3.5.1 vs. 4.0?

I assume you mean 3.1(5) there... not 3.5(1)... unless I missed a _bunch_ of 3.x releases there ;->

There are some good reasons to consider 4.x - most notably is that development on the 3.1 line ended with 3.1(6) - there's no more development on that line, it's all on 4.x versions.

Next, there were some pretty nice features added into 4.x. Notably user adjustable message stack orders (FlexStack), support for multiple directory handlers with custom subscriber lists, improvements to the web based clients (PCA), conversation improvements/options, lots of updates to digital networking support, etc... you can check out the release notes for 4.0(1) and 4.0(2) here:

there are sections in each that talk about the changes for the respective release including administrative and end user features - that should give you an idea of what differences you'll see and you can decide if those are important things to you or not.

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Re: 3.5.1 vs. 4.0?


Yes, I meant 3.1.5. :)

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