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3 Unity Features to mimic Meridian Mail (trying to migrate 2000 users)

Can anyone help in figuring out a way to perform the following 4 features to mimic Meridian Mail:

1. Express Messaging- allows an end-user to dial into Unity (internal or external call) and record, address, and send a voice mail without ringing the destination's extension.

2. When a subscriber logs into mailbox and he/she has many messages, say 15 new and 10 saved. How can subscriber go directly to message No. 10 without having to ## through the first 9?

3. Have Unity alert a subscriber who is recording a lengthy voice mail that recording time limit is about to be reached, so that subscriber can quickly wrap up message composition without just getting cut-off in mid-sentence.

Any ideas, workarounds, or roadmap feature Info. would help tremendously.

Thanks in advance.

Miguel Zamarripa

IP Communications CSE

Cisco Employee

Re: 3 Unity Features to mimic Meridian Mail (trying to migrate 2

1. You can dial the user's extension followed by #2 to over ride the transfer and go right to the subscriber's greeting. You can also do this from the phone switch end of thing (with CM). There's a couple tech tips on this:

#2 - there's no way to jump to a specific message like that... you can order your message stack and jump around types with ActiveStack in 4.0(1) and later but you can't reference messages by number.

#3 - You can turn on message record limit warnings in Unity (they're off by default) - you can do this in the Advanced Settings Tool.

Community Member

Re: 3 Unity Features to mimic Meridian Mail (trying to migrate 2


thank you very much, the ability to address #1 and #3 will make not having #2 less painful during the migration. We'll have to drive users with lots of messages to use UM/Inbox rather than TUI.


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