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3rd party call control

We have a site with a very simple PBX connected to the PSTN using ISDN lines. This PBX has no IVR or call control features. We would like to add a Cisco router in between the PBX and the PSTN to do this. What we had in mind was:

- A call comes in from the PSTN to the Cisco router.

- The router then asks our database server, using some form of TCP/IP communication, how to route the call. We are willing to do development work on the database server to support whatever communication protocol the router prefers.

- The database server looks up the called number in an SQL database, and finds a destination.

- Based on this, the cisco router either passes on the call to the PBX, or as an H.323 call to another site.

- During the conversation, the database machine may want to re-route the call. In this case, it signals the router, which hangs up on the PBX, perhaps plays a 'please hold' message to the caller, and re-routes the call.

Is there any way of doing this on Cisco routers? What network protocol could we use to communicate with the database server?

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Re: 3rd party call control


I think that developing the application using VoiceXML may be your best route. Have a look at:

to see what it can do. Servers can be based on the Jakarta Tomcat. Database integration using standard Web tools.

Hope this helps.



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