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3rd party PBX/VM considerations with H.323 controlled VoIP toll bypass

We have Nortel Meridian PBX's distributed in 5 sites. The Meridian Mail is centrally located. Currently, the customer has p-to-p T1's between sites with 12 channels nailed up for PRI voice, the rest are for their data WAN. We want to introduce NM-HDV modules at the remotes and packetize all voice traffic between sites.

My concern is the MWI lights and access to personal greetings in a busy/no answer forward to VM. Basically, I don't understand how the Meridian Mail communicates with the remote site handsets and Meridian PBX's. Does anyone know if the H.323 protocol will handle and pass all of the info that a pure PRI D-channel would between PBX's, i.e., will the MWI indicators and access to personal greetings still work with the H.323 in the middle? Is there a way to bridge the D-channel across the WAN? Anyone done this? Thanks a million.


Re: 3rd party PBX/VM considerations with H.323 controlled VoIP t

If you are trying to do proprietary signalling between the PBX's then you should probably be looking towards a TCCS model rather than switched voice traffic. You can "bridge" the d channel transparently using TCCS and that connection will always be up using 80K all the time.

Im not aware of any way that h323 will pass the mwi information, unleess the nortel mail does some sort of out call on h323 to light the MWI, which is very unlikely.

Take a look at this refernce information.

Hope this helps.



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