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Community Member

4.0.2 delay @ end of greeting

At the end of our opening greeting, after listing all the transfer options, we do a transfer to Operator. I'd like a brief delay so that the caller has a chance to respond to the "push 1 for this, 2 for that, ..." menu, but it transfers immediately. We've tried leaving silence at the end of the greeting for a few seconds, but that gets truncated. I suppose we could insert some heavy breathing orother non-silence, but is there a more elegant technical solution to this?

Cisco Employee

Re: 4.0.2 delay @ end of greeting

If you append silence onto the end of the greeting via the SA (using the media master control) it shouldn't truncate the silence off the end - is this what you're doing and it's still trimming the silence off? You can actually grab a number of the silence prompts in the prompts directory and append them to the end of the greeting using the paste function to get proper "real" silence out to as long as you like here.

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