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4606D Vs 7910

What is the functional difference between Cisco 7910 Ip phone and Avaya 4606D ip phone?


Re: 4606D Vs 7910

For one thing you need cisco call manager to use 7910 as it uses SCCP, whereas 4606D uses h323.

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Re: 4606D Vs 7910

You might want to clarify what exactly this means. Does this mean that the Avaya phone is H.323 compliant, so can be used stand-alone or with any system that supports H.323 (like CallManager)? Or does this mean that a proprietary signaling method is being tunneled via H.323 and the H.323 spin might be a marketing ploy to imply standards compliance? Another way to look at it is, does H.323 address all the "PBX" features advertised, like call pickup, call park, etc.?

What is the purpose of using open standards? To provide vendor-independence and Customer choice. When standards don't address required features, one has to go outside them which means "proprietary". However, if a vendor wishes to retain Customer choice they can share that specification. Cisco did that with SCCP and phones have been made by ADTech, Sanyo (Japan only), E-Tel, Telstrat, Polycom, IPBlue, Intracom, Teledex, SpectraLink, Symbol and others. Now, what other vendors sell phones compatible with an Avaya IP telephony system?

OK, soapbox off. Just wanted to say that you can't just read the headlines, some things can be pretty misleading. On another note, I'd probably go with a 7905/7912 at this point in time rather than a 7910 - more functions and less cost.

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Re: 4606D Vs 7910

Hi Don, do you know if the roadmap for the 7912's include HTTP push to the phone. It would really make the 7912's a sweet phone if they support IP Services. I would like to see the phones supported my applications like Berbee's InformaCast.



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Re: 4606D Vs 7910


Alas, you will be pronouncing my name incorrectly from now on (it is pronounced wine-er, not ween-er) :^) I cannot say anything about the phone that is not posted publicy (well, I guess that sounds like a whine, 3rd spelling). Since I am on travel and dial-up I cannot search CCO as well as I would like in order to see what has been officially published on this phone. For roadmap consult your account/channel rep and perhaps you can get a non-disclosure preso. As of now, it is more than the 7910 since it has a larger, pixel-based display that can provide much better resoluton, and a customizable background logo display. Also, I found this on CCO - "The Cisco IP Phone 7905 is an entry-level voice over IP (VoIP) telephone specifically suited for enterprise users, small and midsized businesses, home offices, IP Centrex, and managed voice service offerings. The phone offers a 192-by-64 pixel display screen. Cisco IP Phone 7905 currently supports the H.323 communications protocol, with planned releases of Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)...". Of course that ref also mentions SCCP support. So, I guess that covers any perceived "gap" with an Avaya phone, and then some ;^) This is one of the low cost Cisco phones that came from the Service Provider market into the Enterprise (CallManager) market so SCCP was not the first protocol supported.

Sorry that I can't answer your question directly - part is that I don't know and part is that I can't say.


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