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5350 for voice and data calls

Hi all,

I was wondering if its possible to configure 5350:

1- 1 E1 for both VoIP and data calls handling ?? if yes what will be the config ?? if not then

2- 1 E1 for VoIP calls and other E1 for data simultaniously ?? if possible what will be the config ?? and if this is possible then

3- What if i want to use 2 RADIUS server 1 for VoIP call AAA and other

for data calls.

What i have done so far is 5350 for VoIP calls only with 1 RADIUS. Now i was thinking to use 1 e1 for data calls and other for Voice and they both use different RADIUS. What i know if multiple radius host are configured they are used with the priority. Any idea ??


Re: 5350 for voice and data calls

I understand you are trying to configure both Voice and data in a single E1 .

Please check the following URL where it has a configuration for both voice and Data

Distinguishing Modem and Voice Calls on Cisco AS5xxx Gateways

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