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6608 and MMOH

Is anyone aware of any current issues with 6608 and MMOH? A Cisco SE is telling me there is a bug that will drop the call when you put a call on hold. I have set this up before with no issues and I have searched the release notes and DDTS with no luck.

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Re: 6608 and MMOH

Yes. It is true or some variation thereof. We got this with MMOH as the Cisco SE advised we would so we shutoff MMOH at one site because of this. Left UMOH (unicast) at our other site. Works fine, but callers do not like Unicast because they get teh saem music played for successive calls-on-hold. Need to be on CCM 3.3(3) and upgrade the 6608 blade. Actually, you have an SE within Berbee that has the details as we intend to engage them to perform teh upgrade for us.


Re: 6608 and MMOH

Hey Paul...actually that SE is me. After I posted this I did some testing in our lab with mixed results until I hit 3.3.3. I do currenlty have this working in 3.2(2c) (It did break on me in CM 3.2(3) in my testing) environment with no issues which is why I was questioning it not working with 3.2. I will see you on April 5th I believe :)

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