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New Member

6608 PRI T1 Switch Type

Stupid Question... I'm new to PRI and we're getting ready to install a CM with 3 PRI T1s coming into a 6608. We are located in the southwest US and Qwest is our telco. They are provisioning the PRI and are asking 'National or Custom'? I'm assuming they are talking about the switch type, our local Cisco SE is thinking its a feature designation...?

I haven't had the opportunity to talk with the Telco guy directly, but he will only tell the customer 'ask your PBX vendor, they'll know'. Unfortunately, I don't know, again I'm new to PRI.

Any idea what they are referring to, and based on that which of the 10 or 15 switch types will I designate in CM when I configure it?

Thanks a million!


Cisco Employee

Re: 6608 PRI T1 Switch Type

I guess when they say national they are talking about ni2 with is the national standard. Not sure exactly what they would mean with custom. That would probably depend on there switch. I would stick with NI2 since it is the national standard.

Thank you,


Cisco Employee

Re: 6608 PRI T1 Switch Type

Custom is usually 5ess Custom. It works, but you can sometimes have problems with international dialing with CCM. Best bet is to always use ni2.

New Member

Re: 6608 PRI T1 Switch Type

Many thanks to both of you!


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