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6608 T1 Channels

If I have a PRI circuit in a 6608 gateway blade, but im only paying for 13 of the 23 B channels, how do I configure CallManager/The Gateway to only use the 13 channels? Thnaks.


Re: 6608 T1 Channels

At this stage fractional T1/E1 is not supported withthe Cat6K gateway MGCP. Call Manager assumes you have all 23 timeslots available for voice calls.

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Re: 6608 T1 Channels

Most people will tell you this is impossible, but it is actually possible to do.

You do it by setting the Change B-Channel Maintenance Status on the T1.

First you need to set the "Enable status poll" setting on the 6608 gateway configuration and reset your gateway. Then copy the full name of the gateway i.e.


Then you go into the service parameters configuration and go into the call manager service for the CCM that has the registration for your gateway.

Click on the advanced button and scroll down to

Change B-Channel Maintenance Status 1

If you click on this you will get the help for the field that tells you how to set this. Basically you give it the name of the gateway followed by a mask of a number corresponding to each channel on the T. Like this

S0/DS1-0@SDA000XXXXXXXXX = 0000 0000 0000 0222 2222 2221

Channel 1 - 13 in service channel 14 - 23 out of service


0 -- In service;

1 -- Graceful out of service (Change channel status until active call ends if an active call exists on that channel);

2 -- Forceful out of service (Tear down active call first; then, change channel status immediately if an active call exists on that channel).

You can also use this to take a T out of service gracefully.

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