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7 digit dialing

I am having an issue with using route filters on ccm version 4.1.3 and mgcp gateways.

I have 7 and 10 digit dialing and when I dial 7 digits I wait 10 seconds for the call to go out.

The route filter contains end of dialing does not exist as well as local area code does not exist.

Any ideas as well as a config example please


Re: 7 digit dialing

Hi Mike,

Per you problem description seems to be that you dont have configured a route pattern for

7 digit local calls:


Check this good link to configure route patterns:


There are two common problems that occur when you use the @ placeholder:

When a user dials a 7-digit number, the user has to wait for the inter-digit timeout to

expire or has to press the # key.

Go to the Route Filter screen and add a filter with LOCAL-AREA-CODE DOES-NOT-EXIST AND END-OF-DIALING DOES-NOT-EXIST; apply it to your Route Pattern that contains the @


Users cannot dial a number where the office code is X11 (1 + Area Code + Office Code +

Extension), for example the 11 in 1 800 611 4215 or 1 919 311 5432.

The workaround is to add another Route Pattern such as 9.1 [2-9]XX [2-9]11 XXXX to the same gateway or route list as the 9.@ pattern. Do not forget to add the same digit discard instructions, if any.

This info is explained clearly here:


Please let me know if this is what you are looking for.

Other way to check which RP we are matching is the CCM trace.

New Member

Re: 7 digit dialing

Thanks for the reply..

The issue I had was calling search spaces and partitions.. I was matching where I shouldnt have.

It is all working great now 7 digit local and 10 digit local with no delays...

You must be carefull when using line/device approach with css and partitions.

Thank you for the quick replay and help..

I have not seen one of the lonks and it does help.


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