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7206 to gateway VOIP to PBX to VOFR

Since you cannot do a hybrid VOIP-VOFR solution and you need to tandem switch through your PBX, can one use a 7206VXR with an interface to the PBX (this is all in a large hub and spoke configured WAN) as a VOIP gateway to the VOFR sites? I am trying to push VOIP calls all the way to the central site and to the PBX instead of switching at the local site in some wierd VOIP-VOFR translation. All my sites are VOFR and I am starting to bring up VOIP. What special IOS or interfaces do you need?

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Re: 7206 to gateway VOIP to PBX to VOFR

Hi Jeff -

You can do this, but you don't even need a connection to the PBX, you can hairpin calls right back into the gateway. This will allow you to conserve ports on the PBX. You will, however, need to have a digital voice PA on the 7200 and loop one port into the other.

I would recommend IOS 12.2 (need a PLUS feature set) and you will need a PA-VXC-2TE1 to do the hairpin.



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Re: 7206 to gateway VOIP to PBX to VOFR

Loop one VXC port to the other? Is this where the loop would be logically confgured? I have dial-peers from the VOFR implementation in and out of that interface now.

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