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7835 -Bad Hard drive replacement

I have a bad harddrive on 7835 (4 year old- Compaq), I got same ultra3 SCSI harddrive from HP- Same as bad one). when I replaced the new one, the SCSI controller does not recognize it and it does not start mirroring Raid0 drive ? Any suggestions ? COuld it be old scsi controller/firmware not recognizing new hard drive?

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Re: 7835 -Bad Hard drive replacement

There shouldn't be anything special that you have to do when replacing a drive to get it to mirror. We have several 7835's deployed and we always pull drives when we perform maintenance.

Have you tested the "bad drive" in another server by chance? Do you get power to the drive when you pop it in? Maybe something happened on the RAID backplane and it has nothing to do with the drive itself. I would also suggest checking the Compaq Array utility and see what it diagnoses the problem to be and if it sees the replacement drive.

Re: 7835 -Bad Hard drive replacement

You probably want to break the mirror that was in place when the drive broke. Then recreate the mirror with the drive that is not configured. (not assigned a drive letter, or formatted)

You should see something in the Computer Management and Disk Management area. if it does not show up there, I would follow mlinsemier advice. If you see green lights on the drive, its powered up.

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Re: 7835 -Bad Hard drive replacement

I expect you really SHOULDN'T attempt to follow tcatlinins instructions above.

Compaq/HP boxes have array controllers that manage the RAID configuration and present a single logical drive to windows.

So you will not see mirrors etc in Computer Management, and you shouldn't make any changes in it.

Just swapping the drive and checking status in the Arrary Configuration Utililty should be all you need to do..


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Re: 7835 -Bad Hard drive replacement

But if for some reason, the Computer Management has taken over the drive, then you would not see in the Array Config. I have seen some configs where they have bypassed the Compaq util and just used windows. Of course, this not the recommended.. but it works in a pinch.

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Re: 7835 -Bad Hard drive replacement

Thanxs for all advice. I would not break any mirroring. It does not show up as a active drive. LED is still remains solid RED. tried two brand new 3 drives. waiting for another server so we can try the bad drive in to that server.- Will try again this weekend.

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