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7835 publisher/7825 subscriber

Does anyone know of any reason why we can't have a 7835/7825 as a cluster.

I appreciate that the system is effectively limited to the capability of the 7825.

I can't think of a reason why this wouldn't work technically, but just wanted to check. Many thanks.

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Re: 7835 publisher/7825 subscriber

There is not a techincal reason this can't be done and I have seen people do it. Probably not the best because we recommend the sub to be the primary callmanager but you really don't want to do that when it is 7825. And you really want the 7835 to be the pub since pub is doing all the database stuff.

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Re: 7835 publisher/7825 subscriber

We were just about to do the same thing. We currently have two 7825's working fine - no load problems, etc (only 150 phones total :-) and were going to add a new 7835-1266 as the publisher basically only for the reason of having a supported way to mirror the publisher drives to ease our minds on call manager upgrades - if we're satisfied with the performance of the two 7825's now - should there be a reason to worry once neither has to do the publishing duties and both can split the primary/subscriber duties?


- Ken

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