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7905 and 7912 IP Phones services issue


We have a callmanager 4.1(3)SR4b and IP Phones (7940, 7911, 7905 and 7912). Extension Mobility is enabled on all the IP Phones.

Recently we had an issue : on the 7905 and the 7912, when we select the services from the menu, it still in the 'Requesting' state for several minutes before it displays the 'Extension Mobility' menu. Then, when we select the 'Extension Mobility' it takes several minutes to display the 'User ID' and 'PIN' menu.

We notice the same delay when a user logs in the IP Phone or when he logs off.

This issue is only with the 7905 and 7912 IP Phones. It's a new issue since extension mobility worked perfectly for 6 months on these IP Phones.

The firmware for 7905 and 7912 IP Phones is the 8.0.2 and we didn't make any changement on the callmanager recently.

We noticed that the HTTP request made this type of IP Phones is made with HTTP version 1.0 while other IP Phones that work perfectly make the HTTP request with HTTP version 1.1, callmanager responds with HTTP version 1.1.

We made this capture with Ethereal :

3.611905 HTTP GET /CCMCIP/getservicesmenu.asp?name=SEP00141CF2502C&locale=English_United_States HTTP/1.0

3.662886 HTTP HTTP/1.1 200 OK

3.666004 HTTP Continuation or non-HTTP traffic

May it be the reason for this issue?


Re: 7905 and 7912 IP Phones services issue

Disable SSL:

C:\dcdsrvr\Config\UMdirectoryconfiguration.ini). Set UseSSL=false

and restart IIS service and directory service.

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Re: 7905 and 7912 IP Phones services issue


Could you please explain me the reason to disable SSL? Did you encounter the same problem? Did this solution resolved the issue?

Thanks a lot

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Re: 7905 and 7912 IP Phones services issue


I encounter similar issue on 7912. Did you find a solution?

Thanks in advance,



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