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7910 cancelling a transfer after been answered

we have had the 7910 ip phone for a number of years but this problem has only just been noticed.

A 7910 receives a call and transfers it to a third party. the Call goes to the third parties Voice mail. at this time does not want the call to go to VM so wants to cancel the transfer. I cannot find the correct way of doing this.

Have tried the following:

1) press HOLD key TWICE sort of works, it takes you back to the original caller, but only puts the transfer on hold, so with voice mail will stay open until the voice mail times out

2) press LINE then Hold, this is unreliable, doing this sometimes the original call is dropped,sometimes the transfer call is dropped.

I cannot find anything in the 7910 user guides, by the way using CCM 4.0.2

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Re: 7910 cancelling a transfer after been answered

Hi Richard,

Method # 2(Press LINE then Hold) is the correct way for a 7910 to regain control of a Transferred call.In all of the documentation Notes for the 7910 the method is described as :"Press the Hold button to return to the Call".As you have discovered method # 1 is not a good way to go.

Hope this helps!


PS. I did try this method (#2) about 10 times today in the Lab and it worked flawlessly.

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Re: 7910 cancelling a transfer after been answered


Ok thanks for the input,

doing method 2 in my lab gave the inconsistant results.

what code are you running on your 7910s?

mine are P0040500500

Re: 7910 cancelling a transfer after been answered

Problem fixed

upgraded to P00405000700

now ok

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