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7912 problem

Dear Sir

I would like your assistance , I was using 7912G phone with SCCP. but yesterday i changed its image for making this phone as a sip enable.and i load

CP7912080001SIP060412A image using TFTP (tftp was on my local PC) . after loading i was working fine with sip options , later after 1 hour my phone was reboot due to power failier in my house. when i check my phone again i was just showing Red link on hold botton , there is no options on display , i dont know whether phone is damage due to power or its is a image problem.

if it is a image problem kindly tell me how can i load image again , bcoz there is no default configuation display on phone.

you assistance will be higly important for me


Re: 7912 problem

As a workaround downgrading the image to SCCP.

Follow the procedure.

1. Download the latest SIP load for your 7912 and unzip/tar it in the

tftp directory.

2. Download the latest SCCP load for your 7912 and do the same.

3. Look for a file (from the SIP load) called gkdefault.txt, open it

with notepad

4. You will see a line that looks like this:


5. This references a SIP image, you need to change two parts to reflect

an SCCP image, they are: *060412a *CP7912080001SIP*060412A*.sbin

6. You can see the parts that were extracted from the file name to go

after the "0x" above.

7. Change this to the file name of the SCCP file you want to load,

replace the partial and whole file name. It might look like look like:


8. After saving changes. Run "cfgfmt -tsip_ptag.dat gkdefault.txt gkdefault.cfg". The cfgfmt.exe file and sip_ptag.dat files come with the SIP load.

9. Make sure the phone has your tftp server address configured and they can communicate, and reset the phone.

10. The phone should down load the gkdefault.cfg file and the the file you referenced in it.

try this link for reseting the phone.

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