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7914 expansion module

Not sure if this is the right place to post.

I have a 7960 phone with two 7914 expansion modules. The speed dials on the expansion modules work great. The only problem that I am having is that the buttons on the expansion module will not light up. So my receptionist is unable to see who is on the phone and who is not.

I am running call manager version 4.1



Re: 7914 expansion module

verify the first 7914 has power the power cable installed. this does not need to exist on the second 7914, it will get its power from the first 7914.

double check the RS-232 connection cable(s) as well.

unplug/replug, etc.

also, verify the 7914 phone load... a good CCM 4.1 load for 7914 is: S00104000100

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Re: 7914 expansion module

Can you please detail the process to verify the 7914 load?

New to CCM.



Re: 7914 expansion module

If I understand you correctly, the 7914 modules work fine with speed-dial DNs but you are not seeing line status on the button lights associated with those DNs?

This feature has been in ITS/CME since 2.0 but has not been in CallManager until 5.0. This is NOT supported in any version of CCM 3.x or 4.x. The 5.0 feature is listed under the 'presence' section and is a line status with presence feature. Not sure if it also works as a speed dial though, I haven't had time to play with 5.0 in the lab yet...

One other alternative that may work for you is that if you configure the 7914 DNs as shared lines you will see the status of those lines by the screen icons and lighted button colors. Unfortunately they will not work as speed dials, they are the same line as the user (accidental pickup, privacy issues, etc.) and there are a bunch of features (IPCC, Ext Mobility, etc.) that get messed up by shared lines.

Hope that helps...


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Re: 7914 expansion module

CallManager version 4.0 introduced the "Privacy" feature. With Privacy, administrators can enable or disable the capability of users with phones that share the same line (DN) to view call status.

If you have Privacy enabled systemwide and it is "On" for the shared lines appearing on your expansion module, the lights will not light up. By default, the system enables Privacy for all phones in the cluster.

You can either disable Privacy systemwide or make sure that Privacy is not On for the lines that are on the sidecar.



Re: 7914 expansion module

You are correct relating to the privacy feature of CallManager 4.0(1) and above, however the question here was how to use the 7914 sidecar buttons as SPEED-DIALs with the status of the line. This is not possible until CallManager 5.0(1) with the BLF (busy lamp forward) presence feature.

Privacy in CCM 4.0(1) and higher is OFF by default so this rarely impacts anyone unless they mess with the setting. The 7914 sidecar buttons with shared DNs will display the line status on the light however this is a shared line, not a speed-dial so it has the limitations I described above such as the ability to actually pickup the line on the 7914 sidecar (not usually preferred), cannot be used as a speed-dial, and in many IPCC/CRA/CRS deployments agents cannot have shared lines but may need call coverage...

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