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7914 full-consult transfer

Hi, I would like to set full-consult transfer on my 7914 expansion module. Now it works like blind transfer. I have 6 phones. On one phone is 7914 (agent), and all the incomming calls are coming on that phone. And when I want to make trasfer from an agent to some other phone, I push the transfer button, and then line button of the extension to which I wish to transfer the call, but it's always blind transfer. I would like it to be full-consult transfer.

Help please.

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Re: 7914 full-consult transfer

Hi Drazan,

If you are referring to CME, then you can change the system to use Transfer system "Full-Consult" Have a look;

transfer-system {blind | full-blind | full-consult | local-consult}


Router(config-telephony)# transfer-system full-consult

Defines the call transfer method to allow call transfer with consultation for all lines served by the router.

Cisco CME 3.0 and later versions should use only the full-blind or full-consult keyword. Cisco ITS 2.1 and earlier versions should use the local-consult or blind keyword. (Cisco ITS 2.1 can use the full-blind or full-consult keyword by also using the Tcl script in the file called

For SIP networks, use only the full-blind or full-consult keyword. For more information about SIP, refer to "Appendix B: Providing Cisco CME Support for SIP" in this guide and to the Cisco IOS SIP Configuration Guide.

?blind?Calls are transferred without consultation with a single phone line using the Cisco-proprietary method. This is the default if this command is not used.

?full-blind?Calls are transferred without consultation using H.450.2 standard methods.

?full-consult?Calls are transferred with consultation using H.450.2 standard methods and a second phone line if available. The calls fall back to full-blind if the second line is unavailable.

?local-consult?Calls are transferred with local consultation using a second phone line if available. The calls fall back to blind for nonlocal consultation or nonlocal transfer target.

Hope this helps!


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Re: 7914 full-consult transfer

I found the solution it's:

transfer-system full-consult dss

my previous configuration was without this "dss" end that was the problem.

dss - Use transfer with consultation for calls transferred using a monitor line for Direct Station Select.

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