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7914 with CallManager 4.2

I would like to set up some 7914 icw 7961 so that our agents can monitor other extension within a call center to see who is on a call. Can the ring feature on the 7914 be programmed as silent while the lines/numbers (1-6) on the 7961 remain audible?

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Re: 7914 with CallManager 4.2

Hi Edward,

This can be changed on a line by line basis, have a look (in this instance maybe you would like the Flash Only option for the lines on the 7914 and the Ring option for Lines 1- 6);

Device>Phone>Directory Number Configuration

Line Settings for this Device

Display (Internal Caller ID)

External Phone Number Mask

Line Text Label

Message Waiting Lamp Policy

**Ring Setting (Phone Idle) Use System Default, Disable, Flash Only, Ring Once, Ring

**Ring Setting (Phone Active) Use System Default, Disable, Flash Only, Ring Once, Ring

Hope this helps!


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Re: 7914 with CallManager 4.2

I have a similar problem. Rob's solution does indeed turn the ringer off, but I am looking for a way to have incoming calls on lines that are on the 7914 not show up on the phone's display. Basically, I would like to setup the lines on th 7914 to be monitor lines. I want them to blink when there is an incoming call, and show red when the person is on the line. I do not want to be able to push the line button on the 7914 and get the line. We use these for ou receptionists and they just need to see then the user is on the phone, not use their line or answer their calls. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Re: 7914 with CallManager 4.2

Hi Jay,

The feature you need DSS/BLF is available in CCM 5.x (and later). Unfotunately, not in any earlier versions of CCM. Either configure the Button as a Shared Line (to see the status) or as a Speeddial for quick Transfers :(

In CCM 5.x this is a traditional BLF (Busy Lamp Field) which is used to monitor On/Off Hook, Busy/Idle conditions on users phones, as well as having a Speeddial functionality for fast dialing and Transfers.These keys can't be used to answer actual calls.

Cisco Unified CallManager Speed Dial Presence

Cisco Unified CallManager supports the ability for a speed dial to have presence capabilities via a busy lamp field (BLF) speed dial. BLF speed dials work as both a speed dial and a presence indicator.Only the system administrator can configure a BLF speed dial; a system user is not allowed to configure a BLF speed dial.

States are:




In CCM 5.X you are referring to this functionality;

A Phone Monitors a BLF/SpeedDial.

After an administrator configures the presence feature and the BLF/SpeedDial buttons, a user can immediately begin to monitor the real-time status of a presence entity.

From this doc;

This differs from the "Old" Shared line appearance setups in the CCM 3.X and 4.X trains.

Hope this helps!


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