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7920 Text Messaging

I'm developing an application in ASP.Net C# to be used by physicians and nurses where they will be able to use a browser interface to send a text message to a specific 7920 phone.

I've done many hours of research, played with the SDK and searched the Internet for code samples - each of which has partially worked, but I still don't have a clear solution. Here's what I think I need:

1. A sample of the XML needed to send to create a text message on a given phone.

2. Code snippet for determining the current IP of a phone based on it's dial number so I know where to send the XML

3. Any configuration information required for CM 4.2.

I've struggled with this now for two weeks...tried to get help from our Cisco Account Manager, but he says Cisco won't help with programming. I see from other posts that there are developers out there doing things like this now.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Re: 7920 Text Messaging

Syn-Apps is a custom development firm. Our engineers would be happy to speak with you regarding your coding issues and discuss possible solutions. Our phone number is 480-664-6071.

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Re: 7920 Text Messaging

To get the current IP of the phone, you will need need AXL (SOAP) or devicelisx.asp (only supported in 3.3.x to 4.x). Once you get the IP address, you need to push CiscoIPPhoneExecute object using HTTP push. To display text on the phone, you need CiscoIPPhoneText object. Check out Cisco's IP Phone SDK. Let me know if you need more details.

PhoneTop Messenger product (won many awards from Cisco IP Phone Telephony User Group) does what you are looking for. It can push text and audio messages to all supported IP phones (7905/12/20/40/41/60/61/79/71/IP Comm). A fully functional eval copy for is available on the web site

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