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7936 conference phone

Hi All;

Do you guys have any idea how I can have more that three conferece parties in 7936? is it possible to have like 5 people in the conference session? I configured dual-line ephone-dn which only three people able to be in conference session.

thank you very much


Re: 7936 conference phone

Howmany max. nof calls are allowed for this phone in CCM

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Re: 7936 conference phone


I am using CME. I only see one button for that phone in configuration. therefore technically I only able to have two calls at a same time. But logically conference phone should support more than two calls at a same time.

thank you for your comment


Re: 7936 conference phone

i believe you can only set how many maximum '3 party' conferences you can have on a specific platform.

you can though setup 'conference cascading' to allow for more than 3 conferees in a conference.

see this like for more info on max conferences:

see this link for more info on 'conference cascading':

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Re: 7936 conference phone

thanks for your info.

I couldn't find any info about how to configure conference cascading. If you have a chance, would you please show me the document that shows how to configure cascading?


Re: 7936 conference phone

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