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7936 not showing software version and vlan issue

I have a 7936 that does not show the software version. I have installed the newest load on the callmanager, but still cannot see what version it is running on the phone.

My main issue with the phone is that I have to set the switchport access vlan to the voice vlan, if I try to let the phone use the swithport voice vlan, it will pull an IP address off of the data vlan and not the voice vlan.

Any help with either of these issues would be greatly appreciated. I do rate all helpful posts.




Re: 7936 not showing software version and vlan issue

Found a similar issue in a Knowlegebase article. This might apply to 7936 as well.

Excerpts from the article:

The concept of voice or auxiliary VLAN does not directly apply and can cause problems because the Cisco 7935 IP Conference Phone has no 10/100 port to connect a PC to other similar Cisco 7900 Series IP Phones.

To resolve this issue, remove references to voice VLAN or auxiliary VLAN from the port on the switch that the Cisco 7935 connects to and put that port in the VLAN whose number corresponds with the voice VLAN.



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Re: 7936 not showing software version and vlan issue

Hi Robert,

Here is some info that may help;

Verifying Firmware Version Information

You can obtain information about the firmware version installed on the IP Conference Station.

Follow these steps to verify the firmware version on an IP Conference Station:


Step 1 Press the Menu button.

Step 2 Press the Up or Down scroll button to select the Admin Setup menu.

Step 3 Press the Select button.

Step 4 Enter the administrator password. (The default administrator password is **#.)

Step 5 Press the Enter softkey.

Step 6 Press the Up or Down scroll button to select System Information.

Step 7 Press the Select button.

Step 8 Press the Up or Down scroll button to select SW Version.

The firmware version number is displayed.


Or if that is not working try accessing this way;

Using the Web Interface

Follow these steps to access the Cisco IP Conference Station 7936 web interface:


Step 1 Open your web browser.

Step 2 In the address field enter:

http:// IP address of the IP Conference Station:

Configuration information applies to the specific IP Conference Station associated with the IP address you enter.


Note If you changed the HTTP port number, you need to use that number as a suffix to the IP address. If you did not change the HTTP port number, then you do not need to enter a suffix.


The web interface appears, and the initial login page is displayed.

Step 3 To log in as the administrator, enter the administrator password and click Login.

The default administrator password is **#.


Note When logged in to the IP Conference Station web pages, the web pages will time out after approximately 20 minutes of inactivity. You will then have to log back in.


Step 4 To log off, click Administrator Logout.


Information Available on All Web Pages

The top right portion of the Cisco IP Conference Station 7936 web interface includes a separate section that displays consistent information for all of the web pages.

This section contains the following information; example text appears next to each item in the list:

Software Version: 3.3(2.00)

Protocol Type: SCCP

Boot Load ID: PC0503031418

Application Load ID: CMTERM_7936.3-3-2-0

IP Address:

MAC Address: 00c742655892

Local Number: 2022

As far as the VLAN issue goes, this has always been the case for our 7935's as well and I'm sure the 7936 is the same.

Switchport mode access

Switchport access VLAN XXX

Hope this helps!


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Re: 7936 not showing software version and vlan issue

Thanks for the replies. I had tried both methods to find the software version, but it just doesn't show anything.

I also wasn't aware of the issue with the conference phones and the vlan. The reason we wanted to have the port setup with both vlans is so that we could move the conference phone to any network location without having to change the access port vlan on the switch.



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