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7940 (2) how to Cfwd just the second line?

I have a 7940 with (2) lines. The Cfwdall will of course foward line (1) to voicemail. But what if I want to just cfwd just line #2 to voicemail? Is there a quick way to do this? I cant figure out if I have to adjust my soft key template, or this is not possible??


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Re: 7940 (2) how to Cfwd just the second line?

Hey Tommer,

This is a question all of us have asked at one point or another and currently there is no way to do this from the phone itself.The only method available is to do it from the ccmuser web access page.

There is also a third party product called;

IPPhone callForwarder

This new version brings to the user the ability of defining and setting the call forwards from the IP Phone. When selecting the IP Phone callForwarder service, a menu with all available lines will appear. After selecting the line the user wishes to set the forward on, a new menu containing the forward definitions will show on screen. Only those forwarding parameters definied by the Administrator will be displayed. These parameters will show the actual forward destination. The user can then set any of these callForwards.

From this link at;

Hope this helps!


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Re: 7940 (2) how to Cfwd just the second line?

Yeah, I saw it on the CCMuser page. But on a shared line, of course, it will foward everyone's to voicemail for tha line.

So basically, we have a "hotline" that should ring at (4) different phones. But the "mini" agents what to be able to opt out of it and have it not ring their phones.

So my next thought was, ok, so how about I configure target extensions on each phone.

Hotline 7777

Rings at phones with second lines x5000, 5001, 5002, 5003

If x5001 does not want it ring at their desk, they can cfwd it vm.

They can use CCMuser to foward that second line or if I can get this IPPHone cfwd to work, they could do it thought the LCD. by the way, what is the AXL server?

Thanks Rob!

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Re: 7940 (2) how to Cfwd just the second line?

Hey Tommer,

I like your new method! The other thing I was thinking was that if you want to stick with the original plan, the Agents could turn off the ring on the shared line (via ccmuser) when they want to opt out. This might be a bit cumbersome but would accomplish what they are looking for.

Here is some info on AXL;


The AVVID XML Layer (AXL) Application Programming Interface (API) provides a mechanism for inserting, retrieving, updating, and removing data from the database using an eXtensible Markup Language (XML) Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) interface. This allows a programmer to access Cisco CallManager data using XML and receive the data in XML form, instead of using a binary library or DLL.

The AXL API methods, known as requests, are performed using a combination of HTTP and SOAP. SOAP is an XML remote procedure call protocol. Users perform requests by sending XML data to the Cisco CallManager server. The server then returns the AXL response, which is also a SOAP message.

From this doc;

By exposing Cisco CallManager real-time information, performance counter, and database information, customers can write customized applications. AXL-Serviceability APIs, an extensible SOAP-based XML web service, conforms to the SOAP Spec 1.1 [1] and the WSDL Spec 1.1 [2]. AXL-Serviceability APIs represent one server component of the Cisco Serviceability product.

AXL-Serviceability APIs provides RPC-style operations for the clients. Clients of AXL-Serviceability APIs can run in different OS platforms and can communicate with AXL-Serviceability APIs through the standard SOAP protocol. The AXL-Serviceability APIs includes a goal to provide access to the core Cisco Serviceability functionalities through an open and standard transport protocol and data model.

The following list gives the Serviceability services that are exposed via AXL-Serviceability APIs:

Windows 2000 Perfmon Data Collection.

Cisco CallManager Device RIS Search

The AXL-Serviceability APIs gets implemented as an ISAPI component of the IIS. AXL-Serviceability APIs as an extensible service allows external implementation of SOAP ports that are to be plugged in through the SOAP port extension dll. This document describes the implementation of AXL-Serviceability APIs that are based on version or higher. The latest implementation of AXL-Serviceability APIs supports only the Perfmon Data Collection functionality and Real-Time information. Cisco plans to add more Serviceability functionalities to the AXL-Serviceability APIs in the near future.

From this doc;

Hope this helps!


Re: 7940 (2) how to Cfwd just the second line?

That's what I said to the "agents" is turn the ringer off for that line... but oh well.. can't win them all.

So the AXL "server" is basically the callmanager ip address correct?

I have to test out the target extensions and see I can get this scenario all to work. The software from might be an added bonus.

thanks Rob!

Re: 7940 (2) how to Cfwd just the second line?

You know, right when I thought I beat the system, it shoots me down.

i configured it my way with the target extensions..... no luck.... If I log into CCM and try and configure to foward to voicemail, the Hunt Pilot ignores it. But if I dial it directly, it will go to vm.

So, either its a bug or that's just the way it is.

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Re: 7940 (2) how to Cfwd just the second line?

Hey Tommer,

Have a look at this thread. It sounds like there are some solutions for the same problem you are facing with your agents opt-in/opt-out wishes. Have a look;

Hope this helps (it sounds like the best answer short of IPCC)


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