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7940/60 "Configuring VLAN" delay

We have a hybrid network of 140+ 7940/60 IP phones running on Nortel PoE switching equipment (inherited, but it is good gear!)

When a phone is intialized, it often stays in the "Configuring VLAN" state for up to 5 minutes before finally requesting an IP address and registering with the CCM 4.3 servers. I know that it doesn't take this long when they are plugged into Catalysts. Our phones reside on VLAN22, which is port-based, with the switches untagging packets on the data VLAN for the connected PCs (VLAN5). Because we do not have Cisco infrastructure, we manually enter the VLAN ID into the NVRAM of each phone we deploy so that each one knows how to tag its voice packets.

Sniffer traces show me a lot of CDP during this boot up time. In short, is there a way to configure the phone differently to speed up the boot process?

I know that this may be an issue of the phones' age, as we do not have this problem with our 7941/61GE or 7971 phones. However, all of our 7940/60s are flashed to the latest firmware rev.

This is not a deal-breaker, but it would be nice to somehow configure them to "know" that they are not plugged into Cisco switching equipment, thus skipping unnecessary steps in the boot up process. Any help or ideas appreciated in advance.


Re: 7940/60 "Configuring VLAN" delay

The voice VLAN feature enables access ports to carry IP voice traffic from an IP phone. The switch can connect to a 7940/7960 IP phone and carry IP voice traffic. Because the sound quality of an IP phone call can deteriorate if the data are unevenly sent.

Follow the Cisco Unified IP Phone Model 7960G and 7940G Administration Guide for Cisco Unified CallManager :

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