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7940/7960 Keypad too slow

Hi All,

Some of my users are complaining that the "keypad is too slow". They are used to being able to dial numbers fast and the IP Phones are slower and they have to slow down when dialing the numbers.

I would have not belived this as being an issue but is happend to me today dialing 91416 but I dialed too fast and the 4 didn't register and the police (911) showed up on site.

Anyone else having this issue and what solutions did you find?

Thank you,


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Re: 7940/7960 Keypad too slow

Hmmm, haven't heard of this either. I don't remember seeing any known bugs.

I guess I would start by looking at the network between the IP Phone and the CallManager they are registered to. Might be loosing packets due to WAN speed (assuming there is a WAN involved) or other factors such as switch port errors.

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Re: 7940/7960 Keypad too slow

Not the case. I was dialing without being off hook and after completing the number I picked up the receiver and the number got sent to CCM. I strongly believe that if you are not off hook the digits don't get sent to CCM.


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