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7940 Calling Party Display

Is it currently possible to customize the label for the calling party on the 7940 display? In addition to showing the calling party's extension, I'd like to show what site the call is coming from, perhaps by inserting the info from the calling device's location field. Ex: the display would read "From 1001 in Dallas".

Cisco Employee

Re: 7940 Calling Party Display

Not exactly.

But there could be other ways to accomplish the task. For example, on the Dallas end of the call you could prefix numbers in the caller ID so that the number would say "From 51001" for example. If each site has its own unique 1, 2, 3, however many digits unique code then the person called will probably recognize the location based on that. Just make sure that the dial plan you have configured for the other direction includes the ability to dial using those codes, since people will probably used Missed/Received Calls directories on the phone to call people back. This can be done with either distributed or centralized call processing.

New Member

Re: 7940 Calling Party Display

The place to look is in the 7940 device's "Configure a directory number" screen, under "Line settings for this device", "Display". If you put text (i.e. Joe in Dallas) in the box and restart the phone, the called phone will display "From Joe in Dallas (Joe's extension number)".

If there is a "less maintenance" way, please let me know, but this works.

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