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7940 > Phone looks normal but is locked up, reboot fixes

What: 7940 display appears normal, expect date/time is frozen. Go offhook nothing happens, buttons such as Setting/?/Message don't respond. Nothing on phone works until I power cycle the phone. Can't ping phone or http to phone.

PC behind phone on PC port can ping out, work fine.

Router has incomplete arp for phone's ip address. Switch Mac-address-table doesn't show phone's mac address, show cdp neighbor doesn't show 7940.

AppLoad P00307020300

BootLoad PC0303010200


Re: 7940 > Phone looks normal but is locked up, reboot fixes

actually having the same issue with a 7940 at one of my customer sites. it actually is losing connectivity. the pc as well loses connectivity for a split second so you actually see no change on the pc side. so as soon as i ping from the pc it works. as of now we are tracing back to see if the switch is having the issue. did not try to perform any firmware updates for the phone since i have five others and they work fine.

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