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7940 stuck on tftp timeout (o/a) !!


I have an old 7940, which seems to be stuck on "TFTP timeout o/a".

The o/a is a single control char.

I tried a factory reset, but it does not help.

None of the buttons seem to work.

The screen shows "Universal Application Loader"

The phone gets an IP address, and I can see CDP packets and DHCP requests going out on Wireshark.

The Software version according to CDP packets seems to be P00308000300

Any ideas on how I can revive this phone ?


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Re: 7940 stuck on tftp timeout (o/a) !!


Why don't you try doing firmware upgrade.

firmware may have got corrupted.

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Re: 7940 stuck on tftp timeout (o/a) !!

Hi, are you giving option 150 to the phone in dhcp ?

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Re: 7940 stuck on tftp timeout (o/a) !!

No, because I want to manually configure this phone on a new network.

However, when I re-plugged it back into an existing CM network, it upgraded its firmware, and now it seems ok.

I then plugged it back into a switchport on a standalone switch, and can now access the network settings.

So I guess it was a previous firmware upgrade that failed or soemthing like that....

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7940 stuck on tftp timeout (o/a) !!


Can any one has the solution for this problem, because i am facing the same problem at one of my customer location, we did all possible work arounds but no luck, can any one help me out please.


M.Madhusudhana Rao

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