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7941 Phone Problem

I have some users that this problem has happened to.

When a call comes in to this user and they pick up the handset the phone dosent get answered. Only when they hit the awnser softkey the phone picks up. If i reset the phone it works fine again. any ideas? CM 4.2

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Re: 7941 Phone Problem

Hi jcleary,

I think you may be hitting this caveat: CSCsc99161.


Rarely a 7970 IP phone will get into a state where the speaker, headset, handset, or line buttons will not work to take the phone offhook. In this state the only way to go offhook will be to use the softkeys.

We have experienced this problem on 7941 and 7961. TAC has advised that upgrading the phone firmware to 8.0(4) would fix the problem.

Give it a try! :)



P.s: Thanks MK!

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Re: 7941 Phone Problem

The problem could also be with the hook switch. I've seen it on a few phones before. If the hanger tab for holding the handset for wall mount is turned up, then it could hold the handset from resting completely on the hook switch.

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Re: 7941 Phone Problem

Yes but that dosent explain resetting the phone and having it work. I like the bug idea

Thanks a lot

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