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7941G and 7961G fail to update firmware from CCM


Currently setting up a new remote branch office in Sydney, Australia. CCM cluster is back in the US with an avg. of 270ms latency round trip. I pre-staged this system in the US without any troubles. Now, the new 7941G and 7961G phones are taking roughly 22min. to boot.


The IP phones do not update/upgrade their firmware. They do however get their cnf.xml file and eventually (after a timeout I'm guessing) work with the default.load firmware.


I have a 7936 which upgrades it's firmware fine. It boots normally in 50 seconds. This tells me that it's not a network issue or a TFTP issue.

CCM version 4.1(3)SR2.

7941G/7961G firmware load 8.0.2.

Not using CTL

Not updating user/network locale

2851 SRST rouer with 3750 switches.

What can I do to troubleshoot or isolate this issue? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Brad Bentley


Re: 7941G and 7961G fail to update firmware from CCM

You can turn on tftp traces on the tftp server.

Assuming load can be on average 400,000 bytes while config can be 3000 bytes and your wan speed, I'm guessing that the phone may have a timer to try to download a larger load and times out to go for a smaller load which is your default.load. This is dependent on your wan speed. Since the config file is relatively small, it will not have a problem as your examples seems to show. Also since tftp requires packets to be recieved in order, packets may be dropping and retransmitting which again doesn't work for the timer.

So I'm also guessing that the 7936 has a smaller load than the 41/61 so may be able to download given your wan speed within the timer.

I'm just speculating but the tftp traces should give you some idea.


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