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7960 call Coverage, forward, ringing setup

I have a scenario that I am trying to build.

Exec has a 7960 phone

He has their primary number ring 4x then to voicemail. (standard setup)

They would like to change it so when the Exec is on his primary phone, that it rolls automatically to the second line adn ring 4x, then to vm. The second line would then be a shared line on the admin phone so she/he could pick it up.

We have tried to get by with the 7961 and "color lights" for the status, and it just does not cut it. If the exec is on the phone, the light is red. If a second call comes in, the light blinks green. The light also blinks green if the exec is not on the phone and a calls comes into his phone. So the light is not very functional at times. there is no distintcion between appearances unless you are staring at the phone 8 hours a day to know this or have a visual from the admin to the exec.

So with the scenario above, if the exec is on the phone, it rolls automatically to line 2, the light on the admin phone is still red for the primary, meaning he is one the phone, and second line is blinking green, meaning a second call coming in.

I can't get it to auto foward to line two when there is a call on line. Call Waiting kicks in and blinks the first call instead of rolling.

Any tips?



Re: 7960 call Coverage, forward, ringing setup

Change the busy trigger to 1 on the primary line. Then CFB will send the call to the second line.

Re: 7960 call Coverage, forward, ringing setup

If the trigger is set to one, it goes right to VM. I have the boxes unchecked for VM and the second line as coverage

Re: 7960 call Coverage, forward, ringing setup


Cant you setup a hunt group (AC or linegroup) and then set the busy trigger on line 1 and 2 to 1, so that if first line is busy, second call will hunt to second line. You can add a third member which is a route point (Cfwdall to voicemail) and has a voicemail profile with a mask = to the exec's extension. That way when the third call hits the hunt, call is redirected to the route point and from there to the exec's voice mail.

OR. here is an easy fix.

Setup the lines just like how most Avaya or Nortel systems are setup in the PBX world. You will have two lines with the same extension. Say 5060. Line 1 is 5060 on P1 partition and Line 2 is 5060 on P2 partition. Line1 will have a Callforward busy setting to go to 5060 on partition P2. Use a CSS with P2 listed in there to perform this forward.

Line 2 will have Cfwd busy and no an set to voicemail.



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Re: 7960 call Coverage, forward, ringing setup

I see how the hunt group will work, but hunt group number would be the exec's phone. But on the phone, I would have to assign some other number to the phone as a target... change the line text so it says his actually number.

Configure the Hunt Pilot as the execs number

Configure a hunt group with the line one and line two (nonDIDs on his phone)

Configure the ring variables (so it looks like 4-5 rings to the outside caller)

Pilot number hits the first hunt number (he's on the phone) goes to the second number and rings x times, then to vm.

Sounds like it should work. Just a little backwards on the config side. Trying to keep the actually phone hardware inventory straight because normally a DID is assigned to the hardware. With this scenario, it is not. oh well.

I'll give it try

I gave it a try..... it rings like it should, but after it hits the second line and rings after 3 rings, I get busy signal.. do I need to a route point to Unity now?

New Member

Re: 7960 call Coverage, forward, ringing setup

I am having a similar issue...have you discovered a work around?


Re: 7960 call Coverage, forward, ringing setup

I have figure it out yet. I think I need to add a third hunt number to the list which would be another CTI point that goes to VM. I'm probably getting a busy signal because it does not know where to go at the end

New Member

Re: 7960 call Coverage, forward, ringing setup


You have the other 2 DNs in SPECIFIC PTs, now you need a 3rd DN (changing the PT accordingly) and point it to Unity. HOwever, with all that you are doing, if there are other "Execs" that want this kind of call treatment, I would look into using IPMA instead, as it has more robust call treatment options and this is the kind of scenario it was intended for. Here is a link:

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