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7960 not ringing sometimes?

I have an ITS (Call Manager Express) installation that goes a little something like this:

ITS ver 2.1 running on a 2600xm IOS ver 12.2(15)ZJ

(2) 4fxo cards

7960's , 7960 w/ 7914 - firware 3.2(2.14)

Typical fxo for POTS line:

voice-port 1/0/0

timeouts interdigit 3

timeouts call-disconnect 3

timeouts wait-release 5

connection plar 01

caller-id enable

supervisory disconnect dualtone mid-call

Typical DN for the line appearance:

ephone-dn 21

number 01

label 501-555-1212

name Line 01

preference 10

call-forward noan 710 timeout 20

The phone that supposedly doesn't ring sometimes:

ephone 1

mac-address 000D.BD74.050D

paging-dn 30

type 7960 addon 1 7914

button 1:1 2:21 3:22 4:23 5:24 6:25 7m6 8m3

button 9m4 10m2 11m7 12m8 13m5 14m9 15m10 16m11

button 17m12 18m13 19m14 20:26

The user with a 7960 with 7914 sidecar - the main receptionist - has complained of the phone not ringing on occasion when she recieves an incoming call from outside. Other users have line appearances, because they wanted incoming calls to ring at some, but not all, of the phones. The other users all hear the ring, and end up answering the phone. The recpetionist says she can see the CID info, but not hear a ring. I have not been able to duplicate. She swears that she's got the phone hung up, that she's not on another call and just missing the beep, etc.

Does this ring a bell (he he) with anyone? Is there a way to debug ring or ringtone issues on this phone?

Thanks, and best wishes to all.

Jerry Craven


Re: 7960 not ringing sometimes?

This issue occurs when the Call Waiting is set to OFF, and the Cisco CallManager is version 3.2 or earlier, and the incoming call is forwarded to the next line to the same device.

To address this issue found in the Cisco CallManager 3.2, refer to the following Cisco Bug IDs:

CSCdu37305: No Caller ID and notification in the second line

CSCdw26479: CLID not showing up on 794x/6x when cfwd to the same device

CSCdx14064: Calling party number not presented in status line on IP phone

With Cisco CallManager 3.2, the Caller ID information is shown only one line at a time. If there is an active call on line one (with Caller ID being shown), and another call comes in to line two, the focus stays with line one. To see the calls and Caller ID on line two, press i, followed by the line 2 button. In Cisco CallManager 3.3(3), the Caller ID for the second line will be visible in the front.

Installing the service release 3.2.3SR1 displays the CallerID above the Softkeys at the bottom. However, the Caller ID will not show up on the line instance.

For complete resolution of the issue, upgrade the Cisco CallManager to version 3.3(3), which has the feature that displays the Caller ID of any line on the corresponding line instance.

New Member

Re: 7960 not ringing sometimes?

I appreciate your helpfulness. However, please note from my post:

1. I am not running Call manager, but Call Manager Express, which is a different ball game.

2. The caller ID and visual information is always visible, but the phone doesn't RING.



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