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7960 Phone Messages Button

Is it possible to somehow program the messages button on Call Manager so that it will include your paasword when pressed to log into your mailbox using Unity? If so, how would I go about doing this?

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Re: 7960 Phone Messages Button

Why would you ever want to do this . Doing this defeats the purpose of any type of security model .

If this phone is used my many people E.g Desk attendant then i would use a general password of 12345XXXXX or what ever you feel is proper for your business;

Prepending a password if possible could be disasterous if some one wants to have some fun...and set messages notification to call Asia if they like you have no way of auditing that ...

Just my 2 cents


Re: 7960 Phone Messages Button

Security isn't an issue. My office is in a Central Office building with cypher locks on the doors and no windows. The cypher lock tracks when and who enters by their assigned pin. With Unity set so that once a subscriber is inside a mailbox, the user is only allowed to call on-switch and local numbers. Calling long distance/international is restricted. This feature on the Nortel Meridian Mail system is called Auto Logon is used frequently. I'm used to hitting one button and logging into Merdian Mail and would like to know if it is possible with Call Manager. Thanks.

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