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7960 Phone multiple, sequential "hangups"

I have a user that will get as many as 10 or 12 calls in rapid succession. As soon as the phone is taken off-hook, the call goes away and as soon as it is back on-hook it rings again. This sequence happens once or twice per day on average and only this phone. Anyone else ever seen that?


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Re: 7960 Phone multiple, sequential "hangups"

I am not sure I am seeing the same thing or not. I have a Cisco CM 4-1(3) system with 7960 phones. My gateways are 2811's with FXO cards. I only see the problem on calls coming into the FXO port from the local telco and they are directed to an extension by CM.

What I have found happening has been that telco has problem where it apparently does not provide enough ring voltage to hold the line between rings. I see on my gateway the FXO port go from rng-det to Off-hook to idle to rng-det to Off-hook to idle. It is only happening on 1 of my 5 outside lines in and moving that outside line to another port has the problem following the line.

Right now Telco is troubleshooting but my initial troubleshooting seemed to show it as a telco issue and not a CM/7960/gateway issue.

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Re: 7960 Phone multiple, sequential "hangups"

Just a followup on what I posted earlier. Working with Cisco TAC and the Telco, we discovered it was a problem at Telco with battery reversal signals.

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