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7960 (pop) popping sound

I have a 7960 with 2 side cars and it pops when it rings and don't get answered. (or when the remote end prematurley hangsup without being answered). Cisoc TAC said it's a bug and all I need is to upgrade to 5.0(4) and we did that but still the same thing. Have you guys seen this? I have CM 3.3.3 sr 2. The 7960 phones have shared lines.

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Re: 7960 (pop) popping sound

Since TAC said it was a bug, get the bug ID. Never upgrade without exact reasons.

The speakerphone is poping? I haven't seen this bug yet -jason

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Re: 7960 (pop) popping sound

A Cisco DE built us a new load for the 7960 and currently testing it in their lab. If it goes well, they will send it to us to solve the popping sound when you pickup a share line appearance call using the speaker phone. Also happens on some phones when you let it ring and hang up without picking the call up...

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