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7960's lost Registration in Call Mgr. but still active????

We have a Multi Call Manager,Multi Location cluster enviorment...and a large number (All) of 7960's have lost their registration with the primary Subscriber at location A, but still work...When the IP addresses expire will the phones drop??? I'm a newbie in Voice over Solution and any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.....



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Re: 7960's lost Registration in Call Mgr. but still active????


When you say they have lost registration with the primary CM.they are obviously registered with the 2nd CM yes.

Check under network configuration on the phone to see which callmanager they are registered with..

You can also setup Perf Mon use the counter registerd hardware phones and add this counter for all servers to graph.

Save this to the desktop its allways good have.

Comes in handy when testing failover as well.

What happens when the phone gets its configuration file from the CM it contains a list of up to 3 CM 's primary secondary tertiary.

The phone will fail through this list as the CM's fail.

If one comes back online the phone will re-register with it according to the list you have configured for your CM group.

You can setup multiple groups and create device pools assign different groups their to load balance if you wanted.

But it sounds like their is a problem with the Primary CM that the phones are registered with.Check the services are all running primarily the CM service.

Look for erros in event log.

If you are useing DHCP and the phones cant renew their addresses because the DHCP server is not working the phones will fail end of story.

I always configure a fairly long lease time for IP phones.


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