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7960G 2 port switch

Hi All, we have just implemented about 25 7960G SIP phones. We plugged desktops into the phones and the phones into an unmanaged 48 port switch. We had a DSL router as a temp default gateway. Everything worked great. That is until we replaced the DSL router with a Cisco 2821 router as the default gateway. We gave the 2821 router the same IP the DSL router had. Now, the phones connect to the 2821 and can ping it reliably, however when the computers are connected to the LAN through the phones, about 25% of packets are dropped. This connectivity problem only appears to be affecting devices that are connecting through the switch on the back of the 7960G. This problem is happening to all our phones. We have tried replacing the switch, and power cycled everything. A very strange problem… Has anyone seen this before? Thx

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Re: 7960G 2 port switch


I cant help thinking this is a speed/duplex problem, what switch are you using and can you post the config of the router ethernet interface and both switch ports connected to router and phone.


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Re: 7960G 2 port switch

I agree. Make sure your PC's are set to auto on speed and duplex settings as well.

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