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7970 Background Image - File Not Found

Running CCM 4.1, I already have ten background images configured and working. When I try adding another, when you try selecting the new image you receive an error msg "file not found" - you can see the images to select it. Both TN and phone image are present and sized in the correct directory. I've double checked the list.xml file for typo's - stopped and restared TFTP. Anybody else have the same porblem?

Thanks Jim

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Re: 7970 Background Image - File Not Found

With restarting your TFTP server, make sure that you also disable the caching feature on TFTP with these steps:

Disable the caching feature of the TFTP service (as the caching feature improves the performance of the Cisco TFTP server) by performing these steps:

Open up a web browser to the Cisco CallManager Administration web page.

From the Service menu, select Service Parameters.

Select any server (as the parameters you are changing apply to all servers in the cluster) and select the Cisco TFTP service.

On the Service Parameters Configuration page, click the Advanced button to see all the parameters.

Change both the Enable Caching of Constant and Bin Files at Startup and Enable Cachine of Configuration Files to Fales.

For the changes to take effect, click the Update button and restart the TFTP services.


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Re: 7970 Background Image - File Not Found

Thanks - didn't know about the 15 digit lenght. I have it working, tried to close out the conversation guess it didn't take. Caching was turnded of to begin with.

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