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7970 LCD screen does not display anything

Hi everybody,

When I power up Cisco IP phone 7970,these button flashes in sequence:

headset, mute and speaker. Then line keys start flashing green in sequence. Then headset button start flashing green.After 15 seconds everything stops. Switch Catlyst Express 500 sees through CDP protocol IP phone 7970, but IP phone doesn't get IP address from DHCP server.When I try factory reset, after all line keys flashe yellow, I press 123456789*0#, line keys don't flashe red but green. And again after 15 seconds, everything dies. What is wrong with my phone?

Best regards,


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Re: 7970 LCD screen does not display anything


I had a phone in a similar state, it was completely useless... I built a console cable for it, and could see it trying to TFTP a particular image from the server - this image wasn't on the server and I'm sure it never was... I suspect it must have been the original load or something.

Anyway - make a serial cable, and plug it in. Start up the phone, and see what the debug shows you - it's quite easily readable.

You should be able to see where it fails. To fix mine I had to put the software it was looking for on the TFTP server and it fixed itself - I had to get someone on this forum to supply me the software as I couldn't find it anywhere...

Serial Cable (same for 7970 and 7960 regardless of software):


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Re: 7970 LCD screen does not display anything

Could you specify which software version is needed on the TFTP as i have a 7970 in the same state but it gets to the point of downloading the firware but stops after 80% of the 'apps70*******" file.

I expect the versions I have are too new (8.0 and up) and it needs an earlier - possibly the earliest ever version in order to start.

My phone didnt crash, I purposely done a factory reset ages ago thinking it would be easier to upgrade not knowing it can't load just any term70 version after a factory reset - this is not mentioned anywhere on the reset instructions page on the cisco site.


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Re: 7970 LCD screen does not display anything


I have Call Manager 4.1(3) and there are these loads for standard 7970 Cisco IP phone:





I couldn't find any 'apps70*******" file.

Best regards,


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Re: 7970 LCD screen does not display anything

The only 7970 files I have are these (sip 8.0.2, I also have same version in SCCP)...

apps70.1-1-1-14.sbn <-- loads other files and stops half way though this one (i supposed by this point it realises the version is wrong)








the phone has never been updated past the factory supplied version and never succesfully loaded the above version, so I done a factory reset and I guess I need the mentioned 6.0.2 files to get it started again.

any help with this would be great.


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Re: 7970 LCD screen does not display anything

I don't have any file that start with app...In the attachment, there are 6.0.2 loads files that I found in TFTP path Cisco Call Manager-a 4.1(3)

I discover that I need TERM70.6-0-1-0SR1s.loads file. Is there anyone on this forum that can help?


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Re: 7970 LCD screen does not display anything

are these files also present as they are needed along with the MATCHING Term70.defaults.loads...

(these are the files i need i think to fix my phone)

for 6.0.1 these are needed...




for 6.0.2 these





each version includes a term70.defaults file (although the same filename for each version its a very different file and using the wrong one will cause the upgrade to fail) this is used after a factory reset - open it with notepad or somthing to see the files it will try to load.

The apps70 files must be only in more recent versions and this is probably why its failing for me as the phone is expecting only 3 files like in the earlier versions.

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Re: 7970 LCD screen does not display anything

Hi Aaron,

I would be very grateful to you if you find me the software I need. It's very hard to find any Cisco image.

However, I have cisco SCCP 7970 phone and it doesn't have console port, so I can't plug in it.

I notice that you have solved many problems on this forum. I hope you will solve mine.

Best regards,


Re: 7970 LCD screen does not display anything


The console port Aaron was referring to is the RS232 port. The 7970 phone does have this port.



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